Organization Introduction

Toos Negah has officially started it’s business as a leading company in field of designing and manufacturing disposable operating room supplies and consumable for the medical device industry since 1997.

One of the fundamental goal of Toos Negah company has been to develop the organization from qualitative and quantitative point of view. The biggest asset of this company is trust of our customers. All of Toos Negah products are manufactured under the standard of clean room conditions accordance with Iso13485.

This company is licensed from general office of medical devices of the ministry of health and medical education to produce their products.

The most important goal of this company is trooping customer’s demands and delivering the products, according to their needs, which is based on the latest revision of technical standards and relying on a dedicated and young manpower.

We are now providing the essential infrastructure, on the other hand, with enhancing the capabilities of our staff through in service and out of company training, and also by attending specialized conferences, seminars and specialized in and out of country exhibitions, we try to achieve the following goals:

  • Extensive exports to Middle East countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and …
  • Increase production capacity and product variety
  • Creating employment by establishing and operating multiple production units and active agencies.

We are now pleased to be able to come out of this test, with our continued activity since 1997, and in addition to supplying a large part of need for medical equipment, we have also gained full consumer confidence.

Evidence of this claim is the award of excellence in Entrepreneurship by the Honorable Minister of Labor and Social Affairs in 2009, the medal of Honor from the president and other numerous acknowledgment. It has been achieved with confidence and reliance on the creative minds of young Iranian scholars and the energetic hands of thoughtful workers of this country.

Our policy

The management of Toos Negah company emphasizing its attitude towards increasing consumer’s satisfaction and understanding their needs and demands, while promoting and expanding the company’s activities, “ being the top in the field of medical products while promoting quality.” This company believes that the employees of the organization, which are regarded as the most valuable asset of the company, will realize their duty to understand the expectations of customers and other stakeholders to achieve the goals of the organization. Management of Toos Negah company, to achieve the above tracks, emphasize to the modern management systems. In this route, it has selected the latest revision of  Iso13485 standard, as applied model, and try to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase consumer’s satisfaction
  • Increase production
  • Increase sale
  • Upgrading the knowledge and skills of manpower to achieve the competency for jobs
  • Reduce the amount of waste

While, emphasizing the attention of the partners to the special position of the company, I believe that, this quality management system will not happen without the empathy and co-operation of it’s partner, so I expect to understand and carefully observe the provision of this policy, to assist in its full implementation.

This policy, will be reviewed annually, like other components of quality management system of this company.

Dr. Gholam Hossein Sahebkar
Managing Director